Back Again... No Matter What - The Greatest Hits Boyzone

Chaos(K24) – CH7-2(中)已放在子博客



BoyZone-Nomatter what 无论如何

No matter what they tell us  无论他们如何告诉我们

No matter what they do  无论他们对我们做什么

No matter what they teach us  无论他们教给我们什么

What we believe is true  我们坚信的才是真理

No matter what they call us  无论他们如何称呼我们

How everthey attack 无论他们如何诋毁我们

No matter where they take us 无论他们把我们带到哪里

We'll find our own way back 我们将找到自己回来的路

I can't deny what I believe 我不能背叛我的信念

I can'tbe what I'm not 我不能虚伪地活着

I know our love forever 我知道我们的爱将永恒

I know, no matter what 我知道,无论如何

If only tears were laughter (ooh) 一旦眼泪化作微笑

If only night was day (ooh) 一旦黑夜变成白昼

If only prayers were answered (hear my prayers)  一旦祈祷得到回答(听我的祈祷) 

Then we would hear God say (say) 我们就能听到上帝的声音

No matter what they tell you (ooh)  无论他们如何告诉你

No matter what they do (ooh)  无论他们对你作什么

No matter what they teach you 无论他们教给你什么

What you believe is true 你坚信的才是真理

And I will keep you safe and strong 我将保佑你平安和强壮

And shelter from the storm 也为你挡风遮雨

No matter where it's barren 无论那里如何荒芜

A dream is being born 一个梦想正在诞生


No matter who they follow 无论他们追随着谁

No matter where they lead 无论他们去向哪里

No matter how they judge us 无论他们如何判决我们

I'll be everyone you need 我将永远和你在一起

No matter if the sun don't shine (sun don't shine) 无论太阳是否明亮(太阳暗了) 

Or if the skies are blue (skies are blue) 或者天空是否蔚蓝(天空是蓝色的) 

No matter what the end is 无论结局如何

My life began with you 我的生命从你开始

I can't deny what I believe (what I believe, yeah) 


I can't be what I'm not 我不能虚伪地活着

(I know, I know) I know this love's forever (我知道,我知道)我知道这爱将永恒

That's all that matters now 现在这就是一切

No matter what 无论如何

No matter what (no, no matter, no) 无论如何(无论) 

No, no matter 无论

That's all that matters to me 对我来说,这就是一切


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